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famous “London” places to visit….quiz

26 famous places in London

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London may not be the best place in the world to live (apparently that’s Vienna), but it is one of the most interesting to visit. Even if you’ve never been and have no intention of going, you can’t escape its influence on world history, culture and language     read more >>




Image Staffroom posters

Download this series of seven TeachingEnglish posters for your staffroom – great for last minute ideas in lots of different areas!

Note: these are large files!

This is never easy – but some suggestions here might help!

Looking for some new ways to approach grammar?

Ideas for teaching listening include dictogloss, and using stories

‘Vanishing dialogue’ is just one suggested activity

Running dictation, ‘words in a text’ and more

Find out about flashcard, back to the board and word bag activities!

From task preparation to a suggested correction code