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    Find games to play just for fun as well as lots of games to help you learn Engilsh. Have fun playing games and learning at the same time!

  • Can you spell the words for food in English? Play this game to practise.

  • a small tree
    What can you do to help the planet? Paint good things to do purple and bad things to do pink.
  • a bedroom

    Your room is a mess! There’s rubbish lying all around, but you can recycle it. Can you put the rubbish in the right recycling bins?

  • school desk and chair

    At school we spend most of our time in the classroom. Can you label the furniture and objects in this classroom?

  • magic monkey

    Follow the monkey’s instructions and think of a number. Magic Monkey will guess the number.

  • Can you match the numbers to the words?

Joke of the week

Joke image

Q: Which ant is bigger than an elephant?

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Game from our friends

Do you love animals? Try this animal quiz from Cambridge University Press.

image of game

In the spotlight

How much do you know about different types of musical instruments? Try this game to find out.

Paint the words - musical instruments


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Fun with English

Find lots of fun games to help you learn English.

Language games

Label pictures, match words and pictures, find words in puzzles – lots of activities to practise English.

Play with friends

Learn English with your friends with some great games.

Little kids

Help your little brother or sister learn English.


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